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SMP Regrets and How to Avoid Them

Scalp micro pigmentation treatment is a life-changing, confidence-boosting procedure…when done by the right technician. Some people have had regrets about getting scalp micropigmentation treatment done, but they can 100% be avoided. Let’s go through the most common regrets and how to avoid them!

“I chose the cheapest provider.”

Everyone has a budget, but scalp micropigmentation is typically not a service that fits some people’s “cheaper is better” mentality. We know money can be tight, but think of scalp micropigmentation as an investment in yourself! If an SMP provider feels “too good to be true, ” they probably are. Cost should be a contributing factor, but it shouldn’t be THE deciding factor. Many qualified SMP providers are worth the cost and offer payment plans so you can live your life more confidently.

How to avoid:

When researching SMP providers, pay more attention to their portfolios and reviews from past clients. SMP is a long-lasting, life-changing investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“My results are too dark/light.”

Technicians work with different varieties of pigments to ensure they match the pigment to your skin to ensure the most natural and authentic look. A qualified artist will spend time choosing the perfect pigment for you. They’ll consider your skin texture, natural hair color, and tone to determine the best pigment for your scalp.

How to Avoid:

You can ask to see a shade chart, but qualified technicians should be able to determine the correct shade for you. Again, check out their portfolio to see if they’ve used the correct pigment choices for someone with a similar complexion to yours.

“I don’t think they used the right equipment.”

Scalp micropigmentation and traditional tattooing equipment are quite different. They may look similar, but the most significant difference is the needle size. Needles used in scalp micropigmentation are called 3-point-micro-needles, which are 75% smaller than the smallest traditional tattooing needles! Unfortunately, it’s common for untrained individuals to use the wrong equipment, which leads to a poorly done job.

How to Avoid:

To someone without SMP experience, it can be hard to tell if they’re using the right equipment, but if you did your research and chose a highly qualified and highly recommended company, you have nothing to worry about. Also, avoid tattoo shops offering SMP because SMP requires different certifications and can’t be done by anyone.

“My provider didn’t have much experience.”

While everyone starts somewhere, take precautions when searching for an SMP technician. Scalp micropigmentation uses a very specific technique, carefully selected pigments, and expensive equipment. Scalps have a surprisingly intricate anatomy, so finding an SMP technician with experience is crucial.

How to Avoid:

SMP and traditional tattooing are NOT the same, so don’t choose a tattoo artist for your scalp micropigmentation treatment. Here are some tips for an SMP provider: Finding the Right Scalp Micropigmentation Provider.

“They said I only need one session.”

When an SMP provider gives you a quote for treatment, it may seem steep, but it usually includes multiple sessions. The amount of sessions you need depends on your scalp and the reason for your SMP treatment. For example, scar camouflage can take longer because scar tissue can be tricky. The reason for multiple sessions is to allow the ink to layer and create a natural and even look. If a provider tells you that it’s a one-and-done deal, DON’T use their services.

How to avoid:

During your consultation with a provider, if they don’t tell you how many sessions you need, ask! This is a life-changing experience that is permanent, so it shouldn’t be rushed.

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