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Preparing for your SMP Procedure

You have your scalp micropigmentation treatment on the books, so now what? During your consultation, your technician should have reviewed everything from their expectations for your treatment to what you should do to prepare days before treatment. Let’s give you a refresher on how to prepare your body and scalp for your life-changing treatment!

How to Prepare for Your Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Wash and Moisturize Your Scalp

Wash and moisturize your scalp with fragrance-free products a week before your treatment date. Working with hard and dry skin can be more challenging as the needle will bounce off and affect your treatment results. Clean and moisturized skin helps the needle get under the surface and place pigment properly.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Feeling anxious and excited before your scalp micropigmentation treatment is natural, but sometimes that leads to people not eating before their procedure. Eating proper food and hydrating your body are essential to make yourself comfortable during the session, which can take a few hours. We rather not have you faint during your procedure, so it would be good to bring extra energy-boosting snacks to have on breaks and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Avoid Blood Thinners

While treatment is not excessively invasive, needles are involved, which means there may be some blood during your treatment. On the day of treatment, it’s best to avoid the following:

  • Taking OTC medication like aspirin
  • Drinking caffeine and alcohol
  • Taking any drugs

Aside from increased bleeding, thin blood can interfere with treatment by mixing with the pigment and diluting it, thus having less-than-preferable results. If you take prescription blood thinners, talk to your doctor about your upcoming treatment to ensure it’s okay to delay or skip taking your prescription on treatment day.

Choose a Hairline

Your technician has already discussed expectations during your consultation; bring photo examples of how you want your hairline to look. Remember that while you have ideas, trust your technician to know what is best for you. Our SMP technicians are trained professionals with a lot of experience, so they know what they’re doing and will ensure that your hairline and results will be top-notch!

Cut Your Hair

Before your treatment, take clippers or an excellent razor to cut down your hair. If you do this the morning of your procedure, your hair follicles may still be open, affecting how your skin reacts to the treatment. Shaving your head the day before will prevent a lot of redness and irritation while saving you time on treatment day.

Bonus Tips

  • Be bold and ask your technician any questions you may have!
  • Get a great night of sleep the night before your procedure.
  • You can drink alcohol again after 48 hours if you don’t experience any adverse reactions or have excessive bleeding during the procedure. We want you to HEAL properly!
  • Stop using Rogaine or other topical products on your scalp to ensure a clean scalp for your technician.

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