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Beau Butcher

Meet Beau: Founder, Micropigmentaion Specialist, and Ambassador

Beau was born and raised in the Seattle area and loves and appreciates its beauty, sports teams, and musical heritage. He loves the outdoors, and on his off days you can find him on the water or in the mountains depending on the season, or catching a game or concert in the city. Beau is a passionate musician and songwriter who plays multiple instruments and truly loves making music. 

Beau excelled in sports in Jr. High and High School and began to get scouted for football by local colleges and universities in his sophomore year. It was at this time that he made the drastic decision to put the ball down and pick up the guitar. Beau grew his hair out and left high school for the running start program; pursing college and music at the same time. Beau completed his Bachelor degree in political science at Washington State University and then decided to go all in on his band. He went on to being a part of multiple touring bands into his mid-twenties.

Ultimately the stress of being on tour was what he believes to be a key contributor to his hair loss. When he was 25 he decided to shave off his long hair; literally going from having “thinning” viking looking hair to a completely bald look. He felt liberated and has never looked back. He ended up finding out about SMP 4 years later which made him love his look even more. Beau’s personal hairless journey is the reason why he is so passionate about the art of Scalp Micropigmentation. He knows first hand the stress and damage it can cause to someone’s wellness who is going through the stress of hair loss. 

After Beau got SMP done and saw first hand how much it impacted him, he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He co-founded SMP-INK and went on as Founder of Rainier INK, changing peoples lives the same way his was changed. Beau prides himself on SMP education and business startup and truly loves what he does.


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